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I Love You
Little Child

Picture Book

I Love You Little Child listens in on a conversation between a little girl and God. The girl wonders why God makes her grow. God’s response is a reminder to your child that they are incredibly special and serve a bigger purpose in life then they can yet know.

Core Value: Self-love, Faith, Empowerment

The Two Sides of
Mr. Hornet

Early Reader

There are two sides to every story and in The Two Sides of Mr. Hornet, you get both. This two-sided book tells the same story from two different angles. The boy’s side recounts the offensive behaviors of the grouchy, old next-door neighbor, Mr. Hornet. While Mr. Hornet’s side reveals the truth behind his unpleasant demeanor. One day Mr. Hornet gets sick and it changes things forever.

Will the boy and Mr. Hornet be able to bring their stories together?

Core Value: Empathy, Forgiveness, Kindness

Beautiful Tree

Picture Book

The Beautiful Tree is written in a simple, rhyming format meant to help your child develop their basic reading skills. The story begins with a tree being mistreated by a young boy who does not care for trees at all. The tree takes the boy down memory lane, helping him to remember all the ways trees provide for his and everyone else’s needs. The story concludes with a revelation of gratitude and a sweet reminder to care for the beautiful trees on our planet.

Core Value: Compassion, Gratitude, Environmental Awareness

Surviving Tarlov

Resource and Recovery Guide for Tarlov/Meningeal Cyst Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with a Tarlov/meningeal cyst then you know all too well the challenges faced coping with and treating your condition. It may appear that you are in a grim situation with the odds stacked against you.

This guide was created to show you that just the opposite is true. In 2009, I was officially diagnosed with an almost 3” meningeal cyst in my sacrum with extensive structural damage. This began an extremely long and arduous journey that has completely transformed my life in the most beneficial ways.

Throughout my experience, I have tirelessly researched and experimented with countless natural methods of healing to utilize alongside Tarlov/meningeal cyst surgery.

This guide is the accumulation of all that I have found that has helped me to recover and regain my life. I hope it brings you the hope and tools you need to get through to the other side.