Welcome to Sharing Sheryl

Welcome to Sharing Sheryl! Here you can expect to find your usual stationery goods, but with a serious edge. If you like your words sharp, your colors vivid, your music loud and your art outside the lines, then you have come to the right spot. 

Why I Create?

I am an accidental graphic artist, born from the ashes of pure suffering. Once upon a time, I was stricken with a rare spinal injury that rendered me bedridden, flat on my back for years. I eventually received life altering surgery and was fortunate to recover over a 3 year period and have regained full use of my body. While I was bedridden, my depression became so overwhelming that eventually I stumbled upon a light inside me that began to encourage and enlighten me with wisdom to help navigate my suffering. I asked my husband to teach me Photoshop so that I could begin creating pins/posts that reflected all of the life lessons that were pouring into my consciousness. I would stay up in a hospital bed in our living room for days at a time creating one after the other. Creating gave my pain meaning and my experiences purpose. I continue to create from this place and my life has evolved to that of the artist that I always was. I share in hopes of easing the pain of others and spreading the light that I found within.